About Us

Regular maintenance is one of the best investments you can make. Finding and fixing problems before they happen cuts costs and saves you downtime and expensive repair. Fat Boys Fleet Services ensures quality work by employing excellent, ASE-certified staff.

Most of our technicians hold additional specialty certifications as well. We employ a master truck technician and a specialty automotive technician to make sure that your vehicles are in expert hands. Whether you follow OEM guidelines or another service plan, Fat Boys is ready to help!

Fat Boys Fleet Services

Jim Carter, owner of Fat Boys Fleet Services JIM CARTER


Jim has been with Fat Boys since 1990 - before it WAS Fat Boys. He bought the business from Dave Wagner in 1990.

Jim's background is in engineering and operations. He's been around equipment, welding and fabrication all of his working life.

He has a degree in Business from City University, has attended seminars on fabrication, equipment and mechanical repair and is an Accredited Automotive Manager.

Jim enjoys working on his 1950 Chevrolet Pickup Hot Rod. He is active in his church and is on the Board of Directors for Camp Prime Time. He has two stepsons and a Chow named Charlie.

Cathleen Bigelow, service advisor at Fat Boys Fleet Services CATHLEEN BIGELOW


Cathleen started with Fatboys as a receptionist, but now serves our customers as a Service Advisor.

She is responsible for customer contact and coordinating the work load. She also orders parts and keeps the customer updated on the status of equipment.

Cathleen attended Columbia Basin College and has worked in customer service for over 15 years.

She has been married to Ron for 21 years. They have three daughters, two sons, two dogs, two cats and a turtle. She enjoys time with her family, biking, hiking, kayaking, camping and fishing.

Jeremy Braun, technician at Fat Boys Fleet Services JEREMY BRAUN


Jeremy comes to us from Boise, Idaho. He has vast experience with gasoline and diesel trucks and automobiles.

He completed Ford factory training on the IDS and power stroke engines, and has advanced training in electrical.

When not at work, Jeremy is out four wheeling, snowmobiling or mowing his five-acre yard.

Robert Viduarri, technician at Fat Boys Fleet Services ROBERT VIDUARRI


Robert has been with Fat Boys for more than 14 years, and he's been doing this type of work around the Tri-Cities for more than 30 years.

Robert is fluent in both English and Spanish. He is a highly skilled fabricator and welder (mild steel, stainless and aluminum). This - along with a great set of mechanical skills - make him one of the best trailer technicians in the area.

When not working, Robert enjoys his family. He has three daughters, a son and a gaggle of grandchildren. He also enjoys gardening and is active in his church.

Jonathan Sandoval, Technician at Fat Bots JONATHAN SANDOVAL


Jonathan Sandoval is a hometown guy. He came up through the program at Tri-Tech, where he put in 1200 hours over two years of training. Upon graduation, he went straight to work on one of the larger farms in the area, where he took on the job of keeping two dozen tractors and some combines running well. He's one of the newest Fat Boys crew members, having signed on just this summer.

Lynsey Marr, technical assistant at Fat Boys Fleet Services LYNSEY MARR


Lynsey is our "go to" person. She writes up vehicles as they come into the shop. She also keeps the shop clean, washes vehicles, runs parts, takes customers where they need to go, and does data entry.

Lynsey graduated from Kiona Benton High School and enjoys gardening and rock concerts.

Troy Paxton, technician at Fat Boys Fleet Services TROY PAXTON


Troy Paxton is from Eugene by way of Seattle and Yakima. He earned an AAS degree in Diesel Technology Yakima Valley College, then graduated from Universal Technical Institute's Diesel program. Troy has also been trained on hydraulic equipment and lifts.

Troy is an ASE certified Master Heavy and Medium Duty Technician. He also attended Ford IDS and Power stroke training, is Cummins Insite trained and has attended Fire Appartus and JLG training.

Troy has been a technician for 20 years and has worked at Fat Boy’s for 10 years. When not at work Troy likes to fish and is active with the Boy Scouts.

Troy Sawyer, technician at Fat Boys Fleet Services TROY SAWYER


Troy grew up around motors – all kinds of motors. In addition to the family’s cars and trucks, his Grandpa used to race boats, so if it runs, no matter where it runs, if it has a motor he’s right at home.

At Fat Boys, Troy works on everything from light-duty to heavy duty trucks – and more. He’s well on the way to his ASE Master Technician certification with six of the eight required tests under his belt.

Hunter Young, Technician at Fat Boys Fleet Services HUNTER YOUNG


Like so many other of the Fat Boys crew, Hunter is a hometown guy. He grew up on a farm and thus lived, as he says, "A mechanical life." After a couple of years at Tri-Tech, he went into the working world with a work ethic already well-formed by starting off on a farm and joined the Fat Boys crew earlier this year.

Tristen Spindler, Technician at Fat Boys Fleet Services TRISTEN SPINDLER


Tristen is a lifetime Northwesterner, originally from the Lewiston/Clarkston area. His professional resume includes work on auto, diesel and marine engines, but he likes anything that goes fast - including the race car that takes up most of his time away from work. Tristen is an ASE certified mechanic who self-identifies as, "...just a gearhead, through and through."

Daniel Berg, Roadside Assistance Guy at Fat Boys Fleet Services DANIEL BERG


If you call Fat Boys Fleet Services 24 hour Roadside Assistance number, the odds are good that you'll see Daniel's smiling face. He's also a lifetime Northwesterner, having grown up on the Horse Heaven Hills near Prosser. His resume includes work on everything from cars on up to semis - and especially reefer units, having made the pilgrimage to ThermoKing Central in Minneapolis for factory training some years ago. His hobbies, he says, include anything with a motor on it - chain saws to motorcycles and on up.

Tia Christensen, Girl Friday at Fat Boys Fleet Services TIA CHRISTENSEN


Ask Tia what she does and you hear, "Sweep the floors." Ask further an you find out that she does quite a bit more than that. As in, "whatever needs to be done at any given moment." That can include everything from answering phones to running parts for the technicians.