Mechanic Tips

engine oil

Servicing Diesel Engine Oil on a Regular Basis

Servicing your diesels engine oil at regular intervals is key in increasing efficiency and longevity. While many diesel owners only correlate engine oil changes with mileage, this is not the optimal choice for your engine. Engine hours, operating conditions, and fuel consumption are the most important factors to base your maintenance schedule off of.

Heavier engine loads break down the additives much faster than under normal conditions. Once your engine oil approaches a certain point, vital engine components such as bearings, piston rings, and even fuel injectors may experience excessive wear or even failure. In HEUI diesel engines, the engine oil is used under high pressure to control injector timing, which effects fuel consumption and engine performance. The higher pressure contributes to breaking down the oil much more rapidly than those that use high pressure fuel instead. Therefore, HEUI operated systems require more attention than non-HEUI engines to prevent inconvenient breakdowns and costly repair bills.

So, it is best to speak with your diesel technician to decide what kind of service intervals are best for you and your equipment.

break fluid

The Importance of Break Fluid

Brake fluid is usually the most often neglected fluids in your vehicle. Due to the extreme heat and pressures in a vehicles braking system, the properties of the fluid become less effective over time at maintaining its optimal performance.

Once your brake fluid reaches a certain condition, the fluid will actually boil in the brake calipers. When the fluid boils it releases gas bubbles, which are compressed under pressure causing a delayed reaction. Due to the system operating hydraulically, this creates a problem in the effort, amount of time, and distance it takes to slow the vehicle. Most customers will complain of a “soft” or ”spongy” brake pedal and poor braking performance when this occurs. Not only is this irritating, it can also be very dangerous when trying to stop safely in an emergency.

By flushing your brake fluid on a regular maintenance schedule, this will greatly decrease the chance of your vehicle developing a poorly operating brake system and prevent unnecessary accidents.

checking coolant

Have You Checked Your Coolant Lately?

With the cold temperatures this time of year, an engine's cooling system is vital to provide its driver with an efficient, comfortable and reliable ride. Not only is a properly operating cooling system needed to defrost your windows and provide heat for its passengers, but also it increases the longevity of the engine and its internal components.

Coolant consists of additives which counteract the onset of corrosion, raise its boiling point, and transfer heat away from an engines core components. By keeping proper maintenance of your vehicles cooling system, you'll get the most out of your ride and avoid costly repair bills.