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brake fluid

The Importance of Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is usually the most often neglected fluids in your vehicle. Due to the extreme heat and pressures in a vehicles braking system, the properties of the fluid become less effective over time at maintaining its optimal performance.

Once your brake fluid reaches a certain condition, the fluid will actually boil in the brake calipers. When the fluid boils it releases gas bubbles, which are compressed under pressure causing a delayed reaction. Due to the system operating hydraulically, this creates a problem in the effort, amount of time, and distance it takes to slow the vehicle. Most customers will complain of a “soft” or ”spongy” brake pedal and poor braking performance when this occurs. Not only is this irritating, it can also be very dangerous when trying to stop safely in an emergency.

By flushing your brake fluid on a regular maintenance schedule, this will greatly decrease the chance of your vehicle developing a poorly operating brake system and prevent unnecessary accidents.