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Servicing Diesel Engine Oil on a Regular Basis

Servicing your diesels engine oil at regular intervals is key in increasing efficiency and longevity. While many diesel owners only correlate engine oil changes with mileage, this is not the optimal choice for your engine. Engine hours, operating conditions, and fuel consumption are the most important factors to base your maintenance schedule off of.

Heavier engine loads break down the additives much faster than under normal conditions. Once your engine oil approaches a certain point, vital engine components such as bearings, piston rings, and even fuel injectors may experience excessive wear or even failure. In HEUI diesel engines, the engine oil is used under high pressure to control injector timing, which effects fuel consumption and engine performance. The higher pressure contributes to breaking down the oil much more rapidly than those that use high pressure fuel instead. Therefore, HEUI operated systems require more attention than non-HEUI engines to prevent inconvenient breakdowns and costly repair bills.

So, it is best to speak with your diesel technician to decide what kind of service intervals are best for you and your equipment.